Stuart Aitken
IT Project Management Consultancy Services

Programme Director

Between May 2004 and September 2007, I was responsible for leading delivery of a complex portfolio of inter-dependant projects to a FTSE-100 customer in the construction sector. I was initially assign as Project Manager with responsibility for completing the delivery of a Wide Area Network (WAN) to 34 regional offices before being designated as Programme Manager following further contract wins. As the scale and complexity of the delivery increased, I was named Programme Director responsible for ensuring successful delivery of all project outputs whilst working closely with the customer to ensure the successful relaisation of all expected benefits. The portfolio of projects comprised of;

  • WAN delivery - leading delivery of 
  • Data Centre Hosting Facility
  • Delivery, configuration and launch of COINS Financial
  • Data Migration from multiple systems to centralised COINS Financial
  • Delivery, configuration and implementation of data centre Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Servers and services
  • Delivery, configuration and implementation of regional Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Servers and services
  • Delivery and implementation of managed desktop and laptop to all UK regional offices
  • Design and implement SPoC for customer issue management
  • Delivery, configuration and training programme for Video Conferencing capability at main regional an HQ sites
  • Managed office relocation to central Newcastle
  • Managed HQ relocation to London
  • Proof of Concept trial of IT "Office in a Box" to show homes at selected UK locations including delivery of ISDN networks at greenfield / brownfield sites


"It is now widely recognised throughout [the BT business unit] that Stuart is something of an expert in delivery to the Construction segment following his work on [the customers programme] and [a second construction customers project], he has also employed this knowledge in support of a Bid for [a third construction customer].

Stuarts achievements in the delivery of [the customers programme] Phases 1 & 2 have been excellent demonstrating his managerial and technical skills and capabilities. The delivery of the WAN to all [of the customers] sites was achieved on time and budget and whilst there were some early issues these were down to the previously mentioned [organisation wide] delivery problems. In his tenacity to drive through the implementation Stuart was able to very quickly recover the situation, demonstrate to the client BT’s capability and turn around a potentially difficult relationship.

Indeed when I have met and talked to the Group IT Manager at [the customers programme] he has been nothing but full of praise for Stuart’s performance. He has emphasised his firm belief that without Stuarts drive and commitment the delivery programme and therefore BT’s reputation would not have been as high [at the customer] as it currently stands. He has also strongly indicated his desire and preference to have Stuart engaged on possible future business between our two companies, [He] hasn’t actually made this a pre-requisite although he’s come very close to this – praise indeed for Stuart!"

Extracted from annual performance review documentation. Customer names have been removed for reasons of confidentiality.

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