Stuart Aitken
IT Project Management Consultancy Services


From late 2015, I dedicated time to learning and implementing web design and development skills using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. In 2016, I further developed my capabilities by learning how to implement and manage Content Management Systems (CMS). This website is a direct result of implementing that learning and two further sites were added to expand and enhance this skill-set.

Following careful and detailed market research, I concluded that it was not financially viable to pursue commercial web development business preferring instead to potentially leverage my knowledge in this area in a Project management role.

Programming in Harbour and HMG - A Beginners Guide

The aim of this website is to share my knowledge of bespoke computer programming using the Harbour computer programming language and the Harbour Mini Graphics ( HMG) user interface.

The intention of the guide is to introduce readers with no previous experience of computer programming, as well as those with previous experience of any computer language based on the xBase language (such as Clipper), to develop the skills necessary to create computer programs that can run on any Microsoft Windows based computer.

For more information please visit the  Harbour Guide Website.

Zimprops Limited

Zimprops acts in an ethical manner on behalf of individuals, sole traders, partnerships and businesses in the Dumfries and Galloway area in recovering money they are owed by offering an affordable alternative to the traditionally high cost of using debt collection agencies or professional legal services.

For more information please visit the Zimprops Website.

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